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Vert Button

Apr 4, 2021

The year is 1996 and the Girl skateboard team, along with Spike Jonze, released a video that sent shivers down the spines of every schoolyard in Los Angeles. Join the Vert Button boys and very special guest Ryan Lay as they break down each crooked grind, each varial flip, and each terrible Mike York song choice as...

Apr 3, 2021

A very special call to action for YOU the loyal listener.

Mar 7, 2021

If you like lots of San Francisco skateboarding and 10 second clips of Tommy Guerrero songs then this month's edition of Vert Button is for you. Bill, Andrew, Tim and their special guest CCS Brand Director Matt Price discuss every aspect Real's 2001 classic "Real to Reel." Go watch the video, then listen to...

Feb 7, 2021

21 years ago the Transworld classic Modus Operandi taught us all that Cliff Kaufman could do kickflips and we needed to keep an eye out for the dreaded crookie monster. Join Bill, Andrew, Tim and their special guest Kelly Hart of the Nine Club as they push their beliefs onto you and break down each part, each music...

Jan 3, 2021

This month on Vert Button Bill, Andrew, and Tim break down Birdhouse's classic video "The End." They talk everything from food fights,  potential plot holes, and how underrated Willy Santos actually is. Go watch it, then listen, then skate.